We secure you for  the highest return value for your assets. By using one or more of our Individual Services we will be able to guarantee you the highest return for your Assets. To optimize the return value for a reworked product customers can purchase the finished products here:

A platform specially designed for B2B Customers. Refurbished products with warranty up to 3 years !!
A Platform specially designed for B2C Business world wide

A Platform specially designed for B2C Business  in Romania

Resellers with ConCord

We can guarantee you the highest revenue for your IT assets  by selling  each product either into B2B or B2C platforms. You benefit  from all the global sales channels that we have developed over the last 25 years.

As we are servicing all the products we have processed ourselves we offer all customers that purchase our products full warranty on everything including  up to 3 years extended warranty programs and more added value tools to secure always the highest return value for your assets.

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