Repair & Refurbishing

We can currently offer this top-quality Repair- and Refurbishment service for many IT products such as notebooks/laptops, tablets, smartphones, headsets, speakers, PC’s, monitors, printers, TV’s, LCD Displays, game consoles, hard drives, set top boxes, Network and Telecom products etc.  We can provide the following services:

• Whole Unit Repair and Refurbishment
• Refurbishment and SWAP services
• Repairs Level 0-4
• LCD Repair – clean room ISO class 100
• Component and Component Level repair (BGA)
• Configuration, Upgrade Services
• Software/firmware installation & updates
• Certified Data Erasure Services
• Reverse Engineering
• Test equipment design and manufacturing
• Spare Parts Management
• Planning & Procurement
• Return to Vendor (RTV)
• Quality Assurance
• Recycling
• Packaging Design and Manufacturing
• Logistics
• Fulfillment

When you send defective and used equipment to us, we will transform these into products with an extremely high aesthetic and configuration standard.

Our repair and refurbishment service will increase the value of your product and enhance the lifetime brand loyalty.